Did You Know?

Did you know – If your pool heating manufacturer has assigned three warranty service companies in your area, you will be required to supply your zip code. The manufacturer will then determine which company will service you based upon geographics. Consequently, you will get the closest service company to you but not the most qualified company.

Did you know – If you hire an unauthorized company to attempt to service your warranty equipment, it may void your warranty.   Always hire a factory authorized company for your needs.

Did you know – Your pool service company is not licensed or trained to properly work on your pool heat pump. It requires a state licensed AC contractor and special knowledge of heat pumps. Some pool companies will try to work on heat pumps making it extremely risky for you and them. Often times the service call ends in disaster or the company may try and sell you a new unit advising you that it’s not repairable. Either way, don’t fall prey to these tactics. Protect yourself and your investment. Hire a licensed, qualified company.

Did you know – A special license that is issued by the Department Of Agriculture is required to work on propane gas heaters.  This license is required for safety reasons. Please do not allow just anyone to service a gas appliance. There is fire involved.

Did you know – Hiring air conditioning state certified contractors will protect you from liability. We will have the required workers comp for working on HVAC equipment. Your pool professional is classified differently and any accidents that may occur could be declined and become your responsibility.


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